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Deploying Intel ME Firmware
Updates with Intune

Intel ME firmware have always been a struggle to keep up-to-date. This guide will walk through deploying these updates as a Win32 app.

Preparing the Win32 App

Download the Intel ME Firmware package for your model from the support site. Using the Win32 Content Prep Tool, we'll convert the package to an .intunewin file to upload to Intune.

Example command:

IntuneWinAppUtil.exe -c "C:\IntuneWin32\Source\ME\" -s n3crg03w.exe -o C:\IntuneWin32\

Adding the Win32 App

Once complete, login to the Intune admin center and add a new Win32 app.

Fill out the app information:


Enter the install command line:

n3crg03w.exe /VERYSILENT /DIR="C:\IntelMEFW" /PARAM="/silent"

uninstall command line:

Required but since you can't uninstall this type of update, we'll simply delete the directory the contents are extracted to

cmd.exe /c rmdir C:\IntelMEFW /s /q

Change the device restart behavior to Intune will force a mandatory restart. This will allow you to set restart grace periods and restart notifications when you assign it.


Set requirements. Refer to the package ReadMe for minimum supported operating systems.


For detection rules, choose to use a custom script for detection. Below is an example PowerShell script that can be used:

$DeployedFwVersion = ""
$LocalFwVersion = (Get-CimInstance -Namespace root/Intel_ME -ClassName ME_System).FWVersion

if([version]$LocalFwVersion -lt [version]$DeployedFwVersion) {
    Write-Output -InputObject "Firmware is outdated..."; Exit 3010
} else {
    Write-Output -InputObject "Firmware is up-to-date..."; Exit 0

Finish creating the Win32 app. Before assigning it, I'm going to create a Device Filter that only contains T14s Gen 3's so the app will only target these models.

The syntax for the filter is:

(device.model -startsWith "21BR") or (device.model -startsWith "21BS")


For my testing, I assigned the app to All Devices and only including T14s Gen 3's using the device filter I just created.


As I mentioned earlier, you can configure restart grace periods, restart notifications, and/or allowing the user to snooze the restart notification.


Once the app finishes installing, a toast notification is presented prompting for a reboot.(This screenshot was taken from an L14)