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Configure BIOS Settings Through Intune using the Think BIOS Config Tool

There are numerous articles out in the community that walk through how to configure BIOS settings through Intune. The majority of them being PowerShell solutions.

This post will provide an alternate method for configuring BIOS settings using our official Think BIOS Config HTA that was introduced back in 2016. This solution can also be leveraged as part of an Autopilot deployment.

ThinkShield Secure Wipe



ThinkShield secure wipe is the successor to the ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility and is designed to provide the wipe out function of the SSD.

Although the Drive Erase Utility is still supported and provided as an external tool, ThinkShield secure wipe is fully integrated in the BIOS image and does not require any external tools.

Secure wipe can be executed locally by BIOS from the application menu of the Startup Boot Menu invoked by F12 or remotely from OS through the WMI interface, which is what this post will be covering.

Collecting and Storing Lenovo Warranty
Information to Azure Monitor


A feature add (by popular demand) in Commercial Vantage is the ability to write the device's warranty information to WMI.

The Lenovo_WarrantyInformation WMI class located under the root\Lenovo Namespace is created when the Write Warranty Information to WMI policy has been enabled on the device.

In this post, we're going to walk through how this data can be collected from Intune managed devices and ingested into a Log Analytics Workspace in Azure Monitor.